Life can be difficult and we can feel overwhelmed, lost, helpless or distressed. Anxiety and Depression can be a part of everyday life. There are times when life can feel a struggle. Asking for help is hard. Maybe you imagine no-one else will understand.

Therapy offers a safe and confidential place where you can explore issues and feelings, developing a greater understanding of them, without feeling any pressure or judgement. It can help you to make changes and find a solution. Counselling or Psychotherapy can help you to move forward and enhance your life experience.

We often rely on help from family and friends but there may also be issues that are complex or sensitive which we don't feel comfortable in sharing with those close to us. I can provide you with a confidential opportunity for you to express yourself openly,  explore your thoughts and feelings in safety, to assist your learning, healing, understanding and growth.

My role is to provide warmth and empathy, to help you through this process without judgement or telling you what to do. I may on occasions give information or offer suggestions.